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BetMGM Poker Ontario: Review, FAQ, and Player Guide

The regulated online poker market in the Canadian province of Ontario is launching on April 4, and BetMGM Poker Ontario is one of the operators joining the new market early on.

BetMGM has been active in the US since 2013 and has been one of the biggest international poker operators for the better part of two decades. The launch of BetMGM Poker Ontario in the newly regulated Canadian market means that players there will have access to another premium poker platform available for desktop and mobile devices alike.

The room operates under a gaming license issued by iGaming Ontario, a subdivision of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and provides players with a safe and reliable place to play the best poker games around.

In this BetMGM Poker Ontario review, we take a look at all the important details about the poker room, including the variety of stakes and gaming options, supported banking methods, and much more.

If you are looking for a place to play real money poker in Canada, keep reading and find out what you can expect from BetMGM Poker Ontario.

BetMGM Poker Ontario Welcome Bonus

Like all legal operators in Ontario, BetMGM Poker is licensed by iGaming Ontario and needs to adhere to very strict rules set forth by the regulator. These rules also stipulate that we cannot talk about any BetMGM Poker deposit bonuses or other offers for new players.

These rules stipulate the following:

  • Publicly advertising bonuses and other types of inducements is strictly forbidden.
  • Players can get the information about active bonuses and other promotional offers by visiting the operator’s site
  • The operator may send direct communication about promotional offers, following the player’s explicit consent to receive such communication.

Thus, the only way to get the correct and up-to-date information on the BetMGM Poker Ontario welcome offer is by going directly to the site (or downloading the app).




Worth Chasing

The rules underlined in the bonus section apply to all types of promotions. Therefor, we are not at liberty to discuss any details of the current or upcoming promotions in this BetMGM Ontario Poker review.

Players are free to visit the operator’s site and see browse through the promotions section, though. Additionally, those who sign up for a BetMGM Ontario account will get access to even more information about various current and upcoming promos.

BetMGM Poker Ontario Rewards



decent rakeback

Details about the loyalty scheme offered by BetMGM Poker Ontario are available on the site. Players who sign up for an account are able to access this information and make their decisions based on it.

Tournaments at BetMGM Poker Ontario

As anyone who has played at BetMGM Poker from any part of the world knows, the operator is very dedicated to hosting some of the very best tournaments in the poker world, which it’s been doing for the better part of two decades.

BetMGM follows a similar path in Ontario, where players have access to a vast selection of poker tournament formats and buyin levels.

From SNGs to large scale MTTs and from just $1 to $1050 and above, the tournament lobby at BetMGM Poker Canada is flooded with dozens of games every day.

The game of choice at BetMGM Poker Ontario is certainly No Limit Hold’em, although occasional Pot Limit Omaha event can be found in the mix as well.

The daily and weekly tournament schedule is a fixed one, but BetMGM Poker throws various poker festivals on a regular basis as well and you can expect plenty of those to be made available to Canadian players as well.

Multi-Table Tournaments

The real beauty of playing poker at BetMGM Poker is the fact that the operator offers numerous daily tournaments with buyins ranging from the micros to high-rollers.

Low buyin tournaments are on the schedule many times per hour, while the bigger events tend to be reserved for the evening slots when more players can be around to potentially play in them.

The operator throws a variety of satellite tournaments as well, allowing players to make their way into the big buyin events by winning their entries at the felt.

The multi-table tournament schedule also contains a number of special weekly tournaments which mostly take place on the weekends, including the $215 Weekly Sunday event that’s been popular among BetMGM Poker players for a long time.

Sit & Go Tournaments

If you can’t be bothered to wait for the exact tournament you want to play to start or simply can’t be around when the best events are running, plenty of SNG games are available as well.

SNGs at BetMGM Poker Ontario allow you to play heads-up, 6-max, or full ring tournament games with regular, turbo, and super turbo blind structures all available.

The difference between an SNG and an MTT is that the SNG will start the moment enough players have registered for it, and this can be as few as just two or six, depending on the game format you pick.

BetMGM SNGs are ideal games for tournament players who want quick action and don’t want to spend many hours stuck to their screen, as they allow for a more relaxed approach and more volume.

Cash Games

Cash games


Solid Traffic

Of course, tournaments are not the only games offered at BetMGM Poker , as a good selection of cash game tables is also available, ranging from the micros to higher stakes.

The games that run the most at BetMGM Poker Ontario are No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha, and while other games like Seven Card Stud and PLO8 are also available, there is hardly any traffic at those tables.

The micro stakes tables ranging between $0.01/0.02 and $0.1/0.25 run at all times with many players sitting and waiting for some action.

Mid stakes at BetMGM Poker Ontario get a decent amount of action, with $1/2 tables and below all offering plenty of opportunity to jump into action.

Finding opponents to play against at the higher stakes tables can be a bit difficult, but we can expect this to change with time as more players build up their BetMGM Poker bankrolls and decide to challenge themselves with higher stakes action.

Finally, fastforward poker is also available for those who hate waiting in-between hands, but the player pools are likely to be low in the early days at these tables as many players are required to get fastforward poker games running smoothly.




Modern & Reliable

The BetMGM Poker platform has been updated and reworked many times over the years. Today, it is one of the best pieces of software out there, although a few of the closest competitors such as PokerStars actually offer a better software platform overall.


Reliability is one of the areas in which BetMGM Poker actually does particularly well, as the platform is both stable and safe to play on in every sense.

BetMGM Poker is fully licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and has been offering real money poker games across the world for decades without any major incidents of scandals.

If you are worried about the software crashing on you, you should not be, as BetMGM is one of the most stable and reliable poker platforms out there, whether you play on your desktop computer or your mobile phone.


From a functionality point of view, we can’t say that there is much wrong with BetMGM Poker either, as the software offers most of the options and setting that you would expect from a modern online poker platform.

The lobby gives players a great view of all the available games, with filtering options and search function that allows one to quickly and effectively locate the tables they are looking for.

The mobile BetMGM Poker Ontario platform is equally as smooth and easy to navigate and the lobby is adjusted to mobile use in terms of the number of tables shown, and the way one scrolls through them.

The actual tables are also easy to navigate and play at. You can adjust your betting slider in any way you prefer and increase your bets in big blinds, pot percentages, and more.


When it comes to the way it looks, BetMGM Poker platform may not be as sleek or cool as PokerStars or GGPoker, but it comes pretty close. The color scheme is simple and there isn’t much clutter on the tables, which means gameplay is made easy and not much is in the way to take your focus away from playing the game.

Multiple options are available when it comes to customizing the table appearance and the cards. You can select from a few different card styles and the four color deck can be used to ensure you never mistake your hand for a flush again.

Overall speaking, the BetMGM software looks pretty good and is easily in the top 5 poker platforms in this area as well, although it may not be the very best.


Is BetMGM Poker Ontario legal and safe?

Yes! BetMGM Ontario is licensed by iGaming Ontario, a subdivision of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, meaning it is fully legal for the operator to offer real money poker in Ontario and completely safe for you to play there as long as you are playing from the province.

Who can play at BetMGM Poker Ontario?

In order to play at BetMGM Poker Ontario, a player must set up a real money account with the operator. This means you will need to be an adult and will need to provide your real information during registration as you will have to confirm these details before you can make any cashouts from the site.

Do I have to be in Ontario to play at BetMGM Poker Canada?

Yes! Like all legal gambling jurisdictions in North America, Ontario enforces the geolocation policy, which means only players within the province can actually play for real money. A geolocation software on your device will prevent you from playing from any other locations.

Does BetMGM Poker Ontario share liquidity with other jurisdictions?

No! At this time, BetMGM Poker is only available to Canadian players within the province of Ontario. Players playing at BetMGM Poker from other jurisdictions will not be able to play with Canadians and vice versa.

Is there a welcome bonus at BetMGM Poker Ontario?

Due to the rules set forth by iGaming Ontario, the regulatory body in the province, we are not at liberty to discuss details of the BetMGM Poker Ontario welcome bonus offer. Players wanting to find out more are free to visit the operator’s site, where they will find all the details.

What types of poker games can I play?

BetMGM Poker Ontario offers many different forms of poker. You can play cash games and tournaments, with NLH and PLO being the two most popular games on the site. SNGs, SPINS, and fastforward poker are some of the other forms of poker available at BetMGM.