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Samuel Vousden Enjoys The Most Ridiculous of Sundays

May 03, 2022
Samuel Vousden

Every online poker tournament player knows that Sunday is the biggest day for them, the day that can turn a week, month, or even an entire year around. Samuel Vousden has got his grind on during many Sundays but it is unlikely that he has every enjoyed himself as much as he did on May 1.

Vousden won a $10,300 buy-in tournament at GGPoker, followed that up with victory in a $25,500 buy-in tournament, then finished third in a PokerStars $5,200 buy-in event. When the dust had settled, Finland’s Vousden had padded his bankroll with more than $620,000!

Vousden Takes Down the GGPoker Sunday Million SHR

Vousden’s first impressive victory came in the $25,500 Sunday Million SHR, a tournament that drew in a crowd of 35 high rollers and where the top five finishers shared the $1 million prize pool.

Andras Nemeth, Yuri Dzivielevski, and Guillaume Nolet all reached the final table but fell before the money places. At least they didn’t burst the money bubble like Ami Barer.

Biao "d7777" Ding was the first in-the-money player. The Chinese grinder saw their $25,500 investment turn into $103,675. Isaac Haxton and Michael Addamo were the next players finding themselves void of chips. They banked $138,253 and $184,364 respectively.

Addamo’s demise left Vousden heads-up against Wiktor Malinowski. The battle went Vousden’s way and he collected the $327,851 top prize, leaving Malinowski to scoop a $245,854 consolation prize.

$25,500 Sunday Million SHR Final Table Results

1Samuel VousdenFinland$327,851
2Wiktor MalinowskiMacau$245,854
3Michael AddamoCanada$184,364
4Isaac HaxtonCanada$138,253
5Biao "d7777" DingChina$103,675
6Ami BarerCanada$
7Guillaume NoletCanada$
8Yuri DzivielevskiBrazil$
9Andras NemethHungary$

Vousden Wins the GGPoker Sunday Million High Rollers Event

Victory number two came in the $10,300 Sunday Million High Rollers event. Some 102 players bought in but Vousden was the only player with chips in front of him when the curtain came down on proceedings.

The final table was a star-studded affair, as you would expect. Biao "d7777" Ding, Israel’s Ravid Garbi, and "LUCKY88889999" of Singapore where the final table’s first trio of casualties; the latter won $46,179.

Then came the eliminations of Super MILLION$ regulars "spaise411" and Yuri Dzivielevski, the latter’s fifth-place exit awarding $79,636, the tournament’s final five-figure prize.

Guillaume Nolet fell in fourth for $104,579 and heads-up was set when WSOP bracelet winner Tyler "TheRayGuy" Cornell saw his tournament end abruptly in third, which was good for $137,334.

Vousden locked horns with Mark Radoja heads-up, but no deal was struck despite a gulf in the payouts. The lack of a deal meant Radoja got his hands on a $180,348 consolation prize while Vousden reeled in $236,834 for his efforts.

Only a few hours after this second victory, Vousden busted from the $5,200 Titans Event at PokerStars in third-place for $56,025. Only runner-up Simon "C. Darwin2" Mattsson ($74,799) and champion Christopher "lissi stinkt" Frank ($99,866) went deeper than the Finn.

$10,300 Sunday Million High Rollers Final Table Results

1Samuel VousdenFinland$236,834
2Mark RadojaMexico$180,348
3Tyler "TheRayGuy" CornellMexico$137,334
4Guillaume NoletCanada$104,579
5Yuri DzivielevskiBrazil$79,636 
8Ravid GarbiIsrael$35,165
9Biao "d7777" DingChina$26,778

Other GGPoker Scores Worth Over $30,000

  • brino – winner of the $2,100 Super MILLION$ Omaholic Bounty for $202,848*
  • Philippe D’Auteuil – winner of the $1,050 GGMasters High Rollers for $145,060
  • gethighrolla – winner of the $525 Bounty Hunters HR Main Event for $132,965*
  • Zemin Jiang – winner of the $1,050 Sunday High Rollers Main Event for $109,398
  • Michael Addamo – winner of the $5,250 Sunday Deepstack HR for $85,272
  • Fernando "JNandez87" Habeggar – winner of the $10,300 Omaholic Super High Roller for $81,495
  • Marius Gierse – winner of the $5,250 Bounty Hunters Super High Roller for $80,250*
  • exw2pikes – winner of the $888 Sunday Crazy Eights HR for $54,296
  • irkpokerman – winner of the $1,050 Sunday Heater HR for $50,153*
  • Mucureba – winner of the $150 GGMasters for $49,273
  • Ivan "Cordialemeent" Deyra – winner of the $250 Sunday Main Event for $48,265
  • Santiago "By the beach" Plante – winner of the $300 GGMasters Bounty for $42,861*
  • Elias Harala – winner of the $1,050 Omaholic Main Event for $41,556
  • Simon Mattsson – winner of the $777 Sunday Lucky Sevens HR for $41,372
  • Jacopo "JESUSYAAZY" Achille – winner of the $210 Bounty Hunters Sunday Big Game for $37,833*

*includes bounty payments

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